How to Maintain Your AC In The Winter Months

How to Maintain Your AC In The Winter Months
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Although there might not be snow on the ground during a Florida “winter” you still might decide to turn off your air conditioning unit on the few brisk days we do happen to get. However, just because you decide to turn off your unit doesn’t mean you can turn off remembering  the very important task of maintaining a regular maintenance schedule. Here are some tips to make sure you are keeping your air conditioning unit is in tip top shape.

The number one tip to keeping your air conditioning functioning at maximum efficiency during this time of year is to follow up with your systems regularly scheduled maintenance with an Air & Aero Heating and Cooling technician.

Winter means the holiday season, and this means being around family and sometimes losing your filter. Don’t lose sight of your ac filter and be sure to keep regularly replacing it at the very minimum every three months and checking it at least once a month.

Programmable thermostats are an excellent way to enjoy energy savings with little effort that will translate to savings on your electricity bill. Remember that you’ll need to adjust your thermostat program during the winter months to reduce home cooling when it is not necessary.  The easiest thing to do is to switch your programmable thermostat to manual mode during the window so that you can make periodic adjustments to your home’s temperature in response to changing weather patterns.

Most Florida winter days are often pleasant enough to just open your windows for added comfort when you don’t want to run your air conditioner. If the days are warm and the nights are cool, consider simply turning your air conditioner off or using ceiling fans at night, rather than opening your windows for cooling. This will help your home maintain a more consistent temperature, which will improve your overall comfort and allow you to reduce the amount of work your air conditioner must do to cool your home when it is active.

Our experienced  team is dedicated to helping you enjoy excellent home comfort, regardless of the season or temperature it might be outside. You can find out more about all your heating and cooling needs by visiting us on the web or by taking a look through our additional blog articles for tips and industry information on the latest cooling technology.

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