How to Prep Your Home & AC Unit for a Home HVAC Replacement

How to Prep Your Home & AC Unit for a Home HVAC Replacement
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So you’ve recognized that it’s time to upgrade your existing HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system to one that’s more energy-efficient. Or perhaps it’s becoming evident that your system is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced – ideally, before it breaks for the final time in mid-August. The HVAC may well be one of the most expensive and energy-hungry systems in the home, so the more you know about it, the better. A well-informed homeowner will save money and have a healthier, more comfortable home.

Residential air conditioning repair and replacement is best left to the professionals, because even the best HVAC system will perform poorly if not installed properly, but there are steps you can take to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible, and that you are not attaching a new unit to old ducts and fixtures.

To start things off, you should call a professional HVAC contractor for a pre-inspection. Our team of experienced professionals at Air & Aero Heating and Cooling can help you choose the right model to purchase by accounting for a few crucial factors. A pre-inspection will also allow the installers to know what preparations and work needs to be done to ensure the optimal performance of the air conditioning unit once it has been installed.

The next step is conducting what’s called a heating and cooling load calculation. This complex calculation takes into account the home’s structure, roof, windows, direction, and location, to determine the size and type of equipment needed. We will even take the time to show you the load calculation and answer any questions you may have, so you can choose the proper unit for your home. To get an idea for yourself before we come out, Highseer has a basic AC calculator you can test.

Once you’ve scheduled the installation date, we recommend having the ductwork cleaned. The health of your system and the quality of the air you breathe starts with your ducts, and having them professionally cleaned will make sure that your new system operates at its optimum level. If you use a specialty air filter, have a new one ready.

It is also important to make sure that the areas where the HVAC professionals will work are made accessible and free from clutter. Outdoors, that may mean trimming the shrubs and weeds from the work areas and removing debris. The same applies to indoor spaces. Make sure that the work areas are free from furniture and other items that may impede the movement of the technicians. You might also want to check the lighting in the work areas, and have portable lighting available. Technicians usually have portable lighting in their work vehicle for use on jobs, but it’s better to anticipate any possible need.

Finally, if you have children and pets in your household, it is highly recommended that you keep them away from the work area. The AC unit, as well as the tools used by the professionals, may pose some risk of injury. If the work area has an attached door or gate, make sure that it is firmly closed at all times. If you have a dog that is used to being crated for long periods of time, confine it until the installation work is complete and the crew has left your home. If work needs to be continued the following day, keep the area secured and inaccessible to kids and pets.

With the knowledge and expertise of HVAC professionals and with some assistance on your part, the installation of your new AC system can proceed without much hassle.

Think you’re ready to move forward with the air conditioning system installation process to make sure that your home is cool and comfortable all summer? Call Air & Aero Heating and Cooling today at 407-710-7168 or email at to schedule an appointment.

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