5 Things You Didn't Know About Air Conditioning

5 Things You Didn't Know About Air Conditioning
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When it comes to household heating and cooling units, we typically don’t think much about it unless there’s a problem. While summer weather certainly makes us Central Floridians worship a good blast of cool air after only a few minutes outside, it is easy to take for granted.

Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about your air conditioning unit!

1- Summer vacation was originally instated to rescue kids from the heat at a time when AC didn’t yet exist, and even most businesses would also close down for those two months! However, after air conditioning was invented and became widely used, the summer break trend continued on.

2- Back in 1939 the first cars with air conditioning were introduced, but they were so expensive and the equipment took up so much space in the trunk that they weren’t popular just yet.

3- In the past 50 years or so since air conditioning has become commonplace in American homes, it is estimated that the chance of dying on hot summer days has decreased by more than 80%! Can you imagine not being able to cool off in your home after roasting in the 100+ degree Florida summer heat?

4- One of the very first buildings to install an air conditioning cooling system was the New York Stock Exchange in 1903.

5- The first President to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning just after the start of the Great Depression was Herbert Hoover. Can you guess how much it cost President Hoover to install that system in the Oval Office? $30,000!

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